Harnessing composite material potential to engineer and deliver solutions with specific weight, strength, durability and performance characteristics

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Designed and built the largest, most highly loaded, composite structures in the world


The Magma Structures team has been at the forefront of the specification, design, development, manufacture and testing of innovative free-standing yacht masts and Dyna-Rig systems for two decades.

For the marine, oil and gas, transport and defence sectors, we match carbon composite technology and build processes to optimise individual projects. We combine world-class robotic engineering skills and in house testing facilities with extensive experience in full-life fibre optic strain monitoring systems.

With world-leading composite engineering expertise and highly flexible manufacturing capabilities, our team delivers unique, complex, high-performance composite structures to meet specific client needs.

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Magma Structures is a global leader in composite technology. Based in Portsmouth UK, we harness the potential of composite materials to deliver lightweight structures with strength, durability and performance for the marine, transport and oil & gas sectors.

"Maltese Falcon free-standing carbon spars are more advanced than any aerospace application for composite structures. The spars stand 200ft tall, supporting nearly the same bending moment as the wings on a 767 and carrying more sail area than the entire wing on an A380."

William Roeseler - Boeing Aircraft Corporation, Advisory Board AIAA, MIT

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