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Magma Structures partners AQ-Y aerial attraction

Magma Structures are delighted to be partners in AQ-Y; an innovative world-first attraction for Bath which was recently launched.

AQ-Y is a completely novel aerial experience; a real flying machine that a combination of a hot air balloon, helicopter and flying carpet all rolled into one.

Designed in Bath by award-winning architect Nicholas Stubbs, AQ-Y is a revolving glass observation pod suspended between two slim, carbon fibre masts that rises from a horizontal position to a height of 65m, offering 360 degree views over the city’s Georgian rooftops. Magma Structures, with their experience of building large complex, composite structures, will build the two 60m+ carbon masts.

Built on Pulteney Weir Island, just below Bath’s famous 18th century Pulteney Bridge, AQ-Y’s contemporary glass capsule will accommodate up to 25 passengers who will embark from Parade Gardens’ riverside lawn. The capsule will swing out over the river and in just 20 seconds will lift passengers up above the roof tops to AQ-Y’s full height of 65m, revealing stunning views over the Georgian city, including Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, the Bath Rugby stadium and the seven hills surrounding the city. The full AQ-Y experience will take 20 minutes and could be experienced by over 250,000 guests a year.

Subject to planning permission, AQ-Y will begin operation in spring / summer 2017. AQ-Y is a founding member of the Percent Club and will donate 10% of profits to charity.

Click here to see the awe inspiring video of this iconic and ground-breaking new attraction.

Visit the AQ-Y website to find all about this innovative project that Magma Structures are partnering.


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