Magma Structures specialises in composite material applications, with extensive experience of proven and high performance applications in multiple sectors

Oil and gas industry projects

Magma Structures develops composite solutions for offshore projects to provide improved reliability, increased performance, lighter weight and longer life than conventional metal structures.

At an automated manufacturing facility Magma also produces m-pipe, a high-performance carbon / PEEK polymer pipe designed and manufactured to meet the oil and gas industry challenges of deep water, high pressure, high temperature and sour service.

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Superyacht Dyna-Rigs

Today’s super-sized sailing yachts need to offer safe sailing systems that are both practical and easy to use, whilst also guaranteeing optimum high speed performance and comfortable cruising.

Launched in 2006, and still winning races and being updated, Maltese Falcon has proved that composite masts combined with the Dyna-Rig system offers a highly efficient, fast, easy to use, reliable, safe and practical solution for modern superyachts.

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Performance and speed for defence

The defence industry seeks to reduce the weight and improve the performance of boats, ships, submarines, vehicles, tanks, drones and aircraft. Rapid turnaround and qualification of strong, lightweight replacement sections and items during asset refits make composite materials ideal for many defence market components.

Composites have excellent strength-to-weight ratio, rigidity, fatigue resistance, thermal stability and ability for real-time load analysis.

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