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Light weight hydraulic accumulator

Magma Structures has developed a new light weight carbon fibre hydraulic accumulator for use in a wide range of industrial requirements. This new Magma Structures product meets the challenge of low weight and high performance for aircraft, vehicles and oil and gas applications.

Magma m-pipeDeveloped for a client in the high performance sports sector to exacting tolerances, the 150mm diameter hydraulic accumulator weighs less than 4 kg, one tenth the weight of an equivalent steel accumulator.

Based on Magma carbon fibre pipe designed for subsea oil and gas, the accumulator bottle can be configured for highly demanding high pressure hydraulic applications.

The internal surface of the bottle is a low friction Victrex PEEK bore, which does not suffer from corrosion, chemical attack or hydraulic porosity, making it ideal for the most challenging requirements.

A combination of high quality materials enables the accumulator design to handle high temperatures up to 1900C (3900F) and pressures up to 10,000psi (690 bar).

Magma m-pipe

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