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Magma Structures attend the Rail Innovation Exhibition in London

Magma Structures attended the recent Rail Innovation Exhibition in London.  Magma Structures was responsible for the design and build of the CaFiBo (Carbon Fibre Bogie) rail bogie.  The project was funded by RSSB and Magma successfully designed and manufactured an equivalent to an Alstom class 180 bogie in carbon composite.  A significant proportion of the material used in the build was ELG supplied recycled carbon Fibre.  The bogie is currently undergoing substantial testing at the University of Huddersfield’s adhesion and rolling contact dynamic test rig.  Throughout the testing and life of the bogie, load and health structure analysis will be harvested from integrated fibre optic strain gauges developed by the University of Birmingham.  The consortium is currently seeking funding to build two more bogies that can be real life tested on the rails.

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