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Maltese Falcon – top of her game!

Congratulations to Maltese Falcon and her crew on winning the Perini Navi Cup last week.

This win follows a period of regular maintenance and installation of new sails from Doyle. An upgraded mast load monitoring system has also been fitted to provide real time load data to the crew to get optimum drive for the vessel. These recent improvement to Maltese Falcon were all part of the Rig Support program with Magma Structures.

The team spent time during pre-race training gathering data, sailing in a straight line on a variety of different wind angles, and calibrating and correcting the wind units and boat speed, all in order to give accurate and reliable information to aid navigation and trim.

This preparation ensured the numbers on the navigation desk display screen during the race were interpreted as realistically as possible.

The ease of the Falcon to go downwind, gybing and trim, is where she excelled against other yachts, thanks to her three mast configuration and powerful Dyna-Rig. Another feature of the Falcon Dyna-Rigs is that the sail is fully supported, so the sails don’t collapse under their own weight and keep the aerodynamic flow attached.

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