Our Experience

Our team are respected specialists in composite materials and their application, with extensive experience of technologies proven in high-performance sectors.

World’s tallest free-standing masts

These three rigs are designed to withstand bending loads of more than 40Mn, more than twice the load on a Boeing Dreamliner wing.

The rigs are amongst the most technically challenging free-standing carbon composite structures to have been manufactured, due to their size, design load requirements and the marine environment in which they will be used.

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Oil and gas industry projects

Magma Structures develops composite solutions for offshore projects to provide improved reliability, increased performance, lighter weight and longer life than conventional metal structures.

At an automated manufacturing facility Magma also produces m-pipeĀ®, a high-performance carbon / PEEK polymer pipe designed and manufactured to meet the oil and gas industry challenges of deep water, high pressure, high temperature and sour service.

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Magma Structures are the engineering design and manufacturing partners for the AQ-Y project; a ground-breaking, iconic new aerial attraction being planned for the historic city of Bath. AQ-Y is a hot air balloon, helicopter and flying carpet all rolled into one. Conceived by RIBA Chartered Architect Nicolas Stubbs, AQ-Y is a completely novel aerial experience. …

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Maltese Falcon

One of the largest free-standing DynaRig in the world; three free-standing carbon fibre masts, 58 metres tall, with the ability to rotate and carry 15 sails. The masts are embedded with 96 fibre optic sensors to monitor the load when sailing.

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