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A unique team of experts with proven expertise in the application of composite technology in specialist structures and components.

The Magma Structures team have been at the forefront of the development, design and manufacture of innovative free-standing rigs for large yachts for the past two decades.

In 2015 Magma Structures delivered three of the world’s tallest free-standing carbon composite masts of over 100m. A vessel is nearing completion that has three Magma carbon composite masts and features the world’s largest Dyna-rig.

The company has a flexible waterside manufacturing facility at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth, England, with a team that includes highly qualified designers, engineers, manufacturers and project managers. Magma Structures has extensive experience of manufacturing massive carbon composites in high performance sectors including marine, oil and gas, wind energy, aerospace and public art.

Having worked on some of the most advanced applications of composite technology in the world, this unique team of experts provides clients with access to world-leading composite engineering capabilities, flexible manufacturing resources and the financial strength to take on board ambitious projects and deliver them on time and to budget.

"Our unparalleled structural engineering expertise, together with our flexible manufacturing resources and processes, means that we are in an ideal position to build large, ground-breaking carbon fibre structures. The technical detail and design complexities of the projects in build are exciting prospects for both our employees and customers and for the composites sector as a whole."
Martin Jones
Chairman, Magma Structures

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