Operating at the leading edge of composite technology, we undertake some of the biggest and most challenging projects in the world

We provide clients with access to a highly experienced team of designers, engineers, manufacturers and project managers who can take an ambitious idea and deliver a high-performance composite solution.

Our senior engineers are respected global leaders in composites and their applications, who draw upon experience and technologies proven in high-performance sectors such as oil and gas, marine, wind energy, Formula 1 motorsport, automotive engineering and aerospace.

Magma Structures has unparalleled expertise in delivering technologically advanced solutions with highly complex project management implications, and record-breaking composite material projects at an unprecedented scale.

Our team is uniquely positioned to harness the potential of composite structures to deliver bespoke, high-value solutions for clients.

Magma Structures Chairman Martin Jones is also the founder of Magma Global, and has developed and grown a number of successful businesses.

Magma Structures Managing Director Andy Shaw has a team that is highly experienced in developing composites to reduce weight and improve strength to weight ratio, for key requirements such as superyacht masts and Dyna-Rigs and the oil and gas, transport and aerospace industries.

"Since 1992, we have been pioneering the design and development of free-standing superyacht rigs and advanced carbon composite structures. Magma Structures offers clients a detailed, multi-faceted design and manufacturing process for a diverse range of projects, delivering light-weight carbon designs that can be built efficiently."
Damon Roberts - Technical Director, Magma Structures
Andrew Shaw
Managing Director

Andrew has been instrumental in successfully driving the benefits of carbon composite structures into new sectors such as oil and gas, transport and marine. He is an expert in composite engineering solutions, bridging the complex gap between client design ideas and robust composite structures.

John Hodgart
Project Manager

John is an experienced project manager who has worked for five years on bespoke composite masts for superyachts for high net worth individuals. He has extensive general management experience in developing, designing and manufacturing world leading composite rigs and systems.

Martin Jones
Magma Chairman

Martin Jones is the Chairman of Magma Structures and founder of Magma Global, which works with the oil and gas industry. He has founded and grown a number of successful global businesses and is highly experienced within the marine, superyacht, oil and gas, wind energy and aerospace industries.

Damon Roberts

Damon is an expert in innovative mechanical design engineering for composites, manufacturing techniques and load analysis of major engineering structures. He is also a pioneer in fibre optic strain monitoring systems for use in design, modelling, manufacturing and through-life monitoring.

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