Performance and speed for defence

With high fuel prices and the need to minimise maintenance costs, the defence industry is continually seeks solutions that reduce weight and improve the performance of boats, ships, submarines, vehicles, tanks, drones and aircraft.

Excellent strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity, superior fatigue resistance, thermal stability over a wide temperature range, and real-time load analysis capabilities are all key characteristics of composite materials that make them ideal for defence market components.

The rapid turnaround and qualification of replacement composite material components can reduce the time required to build major components and ensure a more rapid return of ships and submarines to active service after refits.

For ship masts, light-weight non-corroding composite solutions can replace large, heavy metal components. Lightweight composite panels can also be clad onto existing structures like assault boats for excellent ballistic protection.

Lighter weight also allows extension of flight times for aerial support drones, where fuel carrying ability or fuel depots in remote locations are limited.

"Composite weight reduction for mine hunters and fast patrol vessel allows the extension of patrols and reduced fuel stops."
Andy Shaw, Managing Director, Magma Structures

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