We work with ambitious individuals and clients to challenge what is possible with composites, to build unique, high-performance structures and components

Rig support and maintenance

Large modern mega yachts with freestanding Dyna-Rigs can deploy all their sails in 10 minutes at the push of a button. But these rigs require complex computer controlled hardware, monitoring and control systems for the automated roller furling sails weighing up to two tonnes each.

Magma Rig Support is an essential monitoring and maintenance programme to get the best out of these unique sailing systems and hardware, to get optimum drive for the vessel and to maintain their life.

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Reducing rail carriage weight

Rail operators seek to reduce the costs associated with track damage, minimise suspension maintenance costs and reduce fuel consumption.

A lightweight carbon composite bogie frame, with mechanical properties of the materials tailored to provide integrated suspension and steering functionality, results in a flexible primary suspension that reduces rail track lateral forces by up to 40%, and reduces fuel consumption by 20%.

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Composite structure condition monitoring

Used across a wide range of industry sectors like oil and gas, aerospace, wind turbine, marine and renewables, composite condition monitoring systems are a proven and cost-effective measurement technology.

Our clients are able to harness our pioneering experience for reliable performance and load monitoring by building in fibre optic and condition monitoring systems into large composite structures.

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Superyacht masts and Dyna-Rigs

Magma Structures has built the carbon composite free-standing masts and Dyna-Rigs for the world’s top three largest private sailing vessels.

The controls, sails, automation and monitoring systems for masts and Dyna-Rigs are all project managed, tested, commissioned and sea-trialled by the Magma team. Also recently completed is an innovative, rotating, free-standing triple mast and Dyna-Rig system for a new superyacht.

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