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Dyna-Rig system Rig Support

Magma Structures has launched a Rig Support package designed for owners, captains and vessel managers of the many superyachts featuring Magma carbon composite masts and Dyna-Rigs.

Responding to a need to maintain the performance and safety of superyachts, Rig Support offers a structured support programme developed to the bespoke needs of each owner’s vessel. This includes regular view of all related systems and hardware, real-time system monitoring, scheduled and unplanned event maintenance, support, rig inspections and crew training.

Andy Shaw, Managing Director at Magma Structures said,

“Our freestanding rigs provided an automated, push button sailing experience. This automation significantly reduces the number of sailing crew required and increases the amount that the sailing system is used. With reduced crew numbers, we recognised the requirement for a rig support programme to provide accurate maintenance information and load data analysis, protecting the long-term value of the masts and the vessel. This support package will save the owners substantial cost by eliminating unnecessary maintenance, such as unstepping the masts which can costs millions of pounds for structures of this size.”

“We’ve already spoken to the owners of the Superyachts that feature our masts, Dyna-Rigs and components, and they have all recognised the need for the Rig Support programme we offer. We also plan to roll the Rig Support programme out to other suitable large sailing vessels.”

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