We provide complete in-house services to harness the potential of advanced composite materials for challenging applications in key industry sectors

Operating at the leading edge of carbon fibre and composite technology, with proven expertise in its application in specialist structures and components, we provide in-house expert knowledge, skills and resources to help clients at every stage, using a proven delivery process.

Flexible manufacturing resources

We construct bespoke and large-scale structures utilising a range of advanced manufacturing processes and composite materials to ensure the optimum build method for each project.

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Structural engineering design

We work in partnership with architects, engineers and designers in specialist sectors to provide specific engineering design services for advanced, high performance structures and components.

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Advanced Fibre Optic Monitoring

Our clients can harness our pioneering experience in fibre optic strain technology to obtain bespoke, complex and reliable load monitoring solutions.

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Project management, Delivery & Installation

We manage complex logistics and oversee installation and trials, delivering bespoke composite projects of world beating physical scale and build length.

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We support clients in the early stages with advice on the application of carbon fibre composite materials and processes through detailed feasibility studies, even on the largest or most complex of projects.

Prototype designs

We provide a wide range of prototyping services to help clients evaluate the potential applications of carbon fibre composites, building scale versions of bespoke designs as required.


We have state-of-the-art in-house test facilities to ensure rigorous analysis of design or composite component performance characteristics, prior to beginning manufacture.

Robotic Cell Manufacturing

Our robotic manufacturing capabilities provide facilities for small-scale bespoke high margin projects up to large volume lower margin specialist components.

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Qualification & Certification

We work to a wide range of compliance requirements, including insurers, qualification processes or industry specific regulatory body certification.

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